Tug of War?
Oiling and hand finishing
Wood turning & hand finishing

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Complex Problem solving
Computerised 3D carving
Careful sanding…
Shaping and sanding…
Hand finished with natural oils
Our workshop motto
More discussions…
Problem solving & teamwork
Fine carving
A traditional skill…hollowing a vessel…it’s very hard work!
An amazing team of woodworkers who care deeply about their work and are dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.
Jig Making
Traditional turning skills
Using 3D computer graphics to aid the manufacturing process
Tricky drilling
Measure twice cut once…
Moving & sorting timber


Patience, experience & a steady hand…ornamental turning

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WoodWorks Studio & Workshop…

This is where it all happens – here you will find a special place, with stacks of wood, special hand built machines, sawdust and contented woodworkers! Dean and his fellow craftsmen are dedicated to bring you unique timber products made with excellence and pride.

The WoodWorks workshop is a humming, bustling space filled with an air of anticipation and craftsmen concentrating with the work at hand. There is something new everyday – a challenge to solve, new projects to look forward to and a lot of sanding and finishing that no one really loves, but rewards in the end!

Many of Dean’s designs are inspired by natural forms and are translated into reality through the use of his own range of manufacturing technologies – all of which are “home-made” from recycled machines and sourced parts, often evolving from the necessity to create his unique forms.

In our daily rituals, there is a complex interaction of innovative processes which have been developed to make our work more creative, productive and satisfying…here is a sample of activities to show what life is like in our busy workshop!

Keeping a clean workshop is a challenge!