Sorted, stacked and ready for engraving
Oiling reveals the rich colours and unique grain of each piece…
Each quote is designed, laser engraved and has to be sanded carefully to clean burnt residue from the surface


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Recycled Sheoak Roof Shingle Quotes


Timber is tough, it can sustain decades of harsh weather conditions, such as these roof shingles have proven! Salvaged during a roof restoration in Albany, the shingles were destined for firewood. We managed to painstakingly recondition what we could “rescue” in our workshop. Every nail was removed, two faces were planed carefully and laser engraved into artworks and gifts.

Each shingle has its unique proportions and properties that hints of another life…rustic cracked edges and nail holes. Some may be slightly asymmetrical, so please expect the imperfections that make these quotations one of a kind.

Danish Oil finish. Each shingle photographed is the actual one you will receive.

Approximate size: Width is similar while depth varies with each shingle
420mm wide x 80-120mm deep x 4mm thick

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My life as a roof and now an inspired quotation!

A harsh life as a roof in Albany…
Not every shingle is useable, so there is a lot of sorting and cleaning of debris…
One of many, many nails per shingle have to be removed…
Both sides need to be “shaved” and sanded to reveal a flat, useable surface
Amazing, almost like new…wood endures!

Quote “Stroke of Luck” from his holiness The Dalai Lama

Quote “Little Ideas” from the Movie Babe

Quote “Persistence” from Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the USA


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Quote “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” from Apple’s Think Different Campaign 1997

Quote “All that is Gold” from Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring