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Bud Vase


Who wouldn’t enjoy sweetness and beauty in
a little bud vase? It makes the perfect display for special specimens from your garden, brought into the kitchen, bathroom or office.

Manufacturing these complex ornamental forms is a culmination of 30 years of woodturning experience and using our own “home-built” technologies to make possible, an array of sculpted patterns on timber.

Scroll down this page to have a look at the making process.


Small, 80mm x 48mm

Medium, 120mm x 60mm

Comes with a glass test tube insert.

$38 Small   $70 Medium

please select size & design from drop down menu

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Small – Cypress, Deep Fluted Sprial

Small – Jarrah, Deep Fluted Sprial

Small – Jarrah, Panel Flutes

Small – Jarrah, Spiral Flute & Dots

Medium – Jarrah, Deep Fluted

Medium – Jarrah, Scales

Medium – Cypress, Waves

A journey through the workshop…

At first glance, the dimunitive bud vase may not look like one of our most challenging projects!

Its complexity lies in the many levels of problem solving, from custom building multi-axis computerised machines, design and programming, fine woodturning, finishing, daily issues that arise in the manufacturing process, so we can get it just right, all the way to our customers!

I suppose…now we need some wood!
So much potential lies in these little blocks…
First shaping before ornamentation
Multiple tools take turn to shape and decorate
Our machines allow precision in repetition
Lined up for finishing
Time to bring out some traditional tools
Fine shaping before sanding
Fine work needs precise skills and focus
Sanding through at least 4 grits takes time
Each pattern has its own challenges
Internal spaces can be tricky to sand!
Parting requires careful judgement
Quality control and fine tuning
Wipe down and air dry for a day
Test tubes in…Ready for the gallery!
Brushing with oil, reveals the grain
The story starts with building a machine
Now guys, that just isn’t woodwork!